Are you sure your Antivirus catches the latest threats?

Everyday a new series of Malware is activated and is spread over computers around the world and can be found on trusted websites. The team, dedicated to keep your Windows PC free from all threats has come out with an outstanding product which takes care of all visible or invisible threats, and that too without compromising on the performance of your PC.

Awards & Recognition
We feel proud to present the following prestigious certifications earned by Malware Crusher. These global certifications confirm the reliability of our product to the highest level.

Certified by AppEsteem

Malware Crusher is committed to offering the desired results to its customers always. The AppEsteem certification of Malware Crusher ensures that it completely meets the standards and requirements of the most extensive security guidelines. It entirely passed the rigorous multi-level technical review to be certified by AppEsteem.

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Checkmark Certified

West Coast Labs, which is a global leader in providing certification to software apps, has certified Malware Crusher with its prominent Checkmark Certification. The certification conducts one of the most comprehensive testing to verify any product. By achieving this Certification, Malware Crusher confirms its effectiveness and provides a level of assurance to its customers.

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Click here to view us on Checkmark Certified website displaying the various certified products.

Malware Crusher is developed as a working alternate of your Antivirus that deep scans every corner of your PC to find and remove next-gen malware. This application adds more punch when it comes to taking care of all existing threats. It crushes found threats from the roots.


It deeply scans your PC for any malicious software that’s installed and also detects any suspicious behavior on your computer.



Removes all infected files from your PC and keeps a record of all the malicious programs deleted. You can choose when and what important programs to restore at a later time.



Creating shield is the last major task done. It stops all threats like Trojan, Worm, Ransomware, Adware, Bots, Spyware, Rootkit Trojan Horses etc., thus creating a shield around your PC.

Does Your Antivirus Give You Real Time Protection?
When you are online, Malware Crusher’s real time protection is effortlessly doing its tireless job of scanning, visiting domains and pages. Your online presence is detected by fraudulent entities and they try to sneak into your system. These attacks are not in your preview and they try to find vulnerabilities in security applied on your system. Malware Crusher detects these vulnerabilities and shows you and crushes any malware or suspicious activities found.

Internet Shield


Malware Crusher becomes fiercer in detecting key loggings, remote connections and saving your session data from being recorded.


Would you feel protected if your browsing is isolated from the rest of your PC activities? If yes, then we have this feature inbuilt


Now SSL Certificate is a sign of Trust and you can easily be fooled from a fake SSL certificate online. Again, we have inbuilt tools to detect a fake SSL Certificate.

Afraid of Malware? Don’t Be!

Enormous focus has been put into recognition of future threats by cyber-fraudster. Our research labs have invested time and years of experience in order to create the best possible malware protection tool.

Protects your PC from deadly malware, trojan, virus, ransomware attacks

The best alternative of an antivirus

Antimalware + Antivirus + PC Protection

Enhanced Protection With Malware Crusher

Our ever-vigilant team dedicated to monitor cyber world is constantly narrowing down on threats posing future threats and suspicious behaviors. Once the behavior of the code is suspected, it is deeply diagnosed and posed threats are neutralized by writing antimalware code. Round the clock monitoring is on and more outcomes like Antimalware are already in process of seeing daylight.

Malware Crusher removes all persistent threats from your Windows PC and ensures all infected Windows resources are replaced with safer versions. So once you have this installed, you wouldn’t need multiple antivirus and antimalware tools. This does the work of all of these tools.


Lightweight, Powerful & Optimized Security

With Malware Crusher has been accepted as a protector of PC. It keeps you free from installation of other security tools as it can work both ways. Being Lightweight makes it more sought after software.

A Step Towards Protecting the World from Malware Attacks
Malware Crusher aims at securing PCs worldwide from attacks of deadly threats like viruses, malware, trojans, PUPs etc. As new technologies are emerging at faster pace, the entire cyber world is transforming into a more complex virtual world and thus creating threats which are more complicated and hard to detect, Your trust and belief in us has kept us working solution in a more efficient way.
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